My 2012 New Year’s Resolution: Build a Better Relationship With My Belly

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While celebrating the exodus of 2011, and anxiously counting down the minutes until 2012′s arrival; I found myself debating internally on what my New Year’s resolution should be and if I should even make one after all the failed attempts of previous years. I saw numerous negative posts on my news feed about the pros and cons of making a resolution just because we were stumbling upon a new year. I figured I had all of New Year’s Day to make a decision on whether I was going to
declare to the masses what I was going to resolve to change about myself, if anything at all. Back to partying.

I awoke the next day with an overwhelming sense of dread – this resolution business was nagging at me. I didn’t want to be cliche and announce to friends and co-workers “I’m going to lose 150 lbs. this year.” But that’s just really what I want to do. Sigh. While contemplating whether or not I should lie and say my New Year’s resolution is to learn how to make soap, you know, really show my ’individuality’, I heard Jill Hutchison of Sonsi say during an interview “Celebrate who you are right now!” I felt inspired to do just that.

But just as I was about to hit send, my television set began channeling the Dr. Oz show. Hundreds of women, all different shapes and sizes, sat in the audience wearing nothing but sports bras and yoga pants; bellies exposed! My eyes bugged out of my sockets as I saw the show title “Belly Blasters”. Shut up!

A solitary yet loaded question was posed: “What’s your relationship with your belly?” Each woman no matter her pants size said in variations “My belly is disgusting.” Had I been on the show I would have kindly let the good doctor know I am convinced my belly used to be a part of my butt, that just decided to up and relocate above my
belly button without my consent. Dr. Oz encouraged the women to make a belly band out of a piece of ribbon and use it as a tool to track their progress towards a 32-inch waist. Yep, a 32-inch waist. I was devastated. I measured my waist only to find out that I was working with menopause numbers!

It was then I decided to build a better relationship with my belly. I’m going to try a few of Dr. Oz suggestions of eating your largest meal earlier in the day. Indulging in a glass of red wine daily sounds delightful as well as the doctor recommends. I will also try some of the super food daily suggestions: 1/4 cup of Golden berries and 1 cup
of miso soup, but I won’t be going there with his suggestion of 3 tablespoons of sauerkraut. No thanks.

As for me and my belly, we’re taking things slow but at least we’re back on speaking terms. We just confirmed plans to meet up tomorrow in the park for a long walk.

Thank you to Didi for her QG guest blogger contribution!

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