Enter to Win the New “Curvy Kate” Bra from Bare Necessities & QG!

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QG Weekly Dish is super excited to be offering our QG readers and fans a fabulous opportunity to experience the luxe, the comfort and the style of the new “Curvy Kate” shaping bra from our event partners at Bare Necessities! The ‘Curvy Kate,” Bare Necessities hottest selling bra going, is available to one special Queen Grace WD winner in the color of your choice.

Queen Grace is so thrilled to be partnering with such a popular and reputable company as Bare Necessities, and we just know our giveaway winner will be just as hooked as we are when you see the quality and experience the remarkable fit of this gorgeous little nothing! Here’s alittle dish on the company; Bare Necessities debuted in 1998, showcasing the finest designer intimate apparel for women of all shapes and sizes, in addition to a selection of underwear for men. Their goal, then and always: to make shopping online with them as easy, helpful and more enjoyable than any visit to your favorite store.

Today, Bare Necessities is the largest online specialty retailer of women’s & men’s branded and designer intimate apparel and underwear and Queen Grace is pleased to be offering our FREE “Curvy Kate” Bra Giveaway this season! OK, so here’s how it works;

Beginning March 21st, 2012 QG WD readers will enter to win below by 1) commenting on “what do you look for in a bra and why would you like to win the “Curvy Kate?” 2) Go onto the Queen Grace Facebook page and “like” Queen Grace Collection, and 3) if you are super motivated and want to be considered for the “surprise” added bonus gift item, go onto the Bare Necessities Facebook page and “like” them too! QG WD staffers will be reading, replying and monitoring the comments and “likes” so be creative, candid, and post, post, post to win!

The QG/ Bare Necessities “Curvy Kate” bra giveaway begins March 21st, 2012 and will end promptly at midnight March 28th, 2012. Contest winner is eligible for (1) free, new “Curvy Kate” bra MSRP averaged at $78.00. All shipping and taxes will be covered by Bare Necessities and our contest winner will choose their “Curvy Kate” bra color at the time contact is made to acknowledge their winner status (based on availability, Bare Necessities will offer substitution colors in the event of a sold out color). Only those entrants who comment on this blog event page will be considered. Queen Grace will contact the winner within 48 hours of the close of the giveaway contest.

So take a minute and check out the gorgeous selections by Bare Necessities for the new “Curvy Kate” bra here; http://www.barenecessities.com/Curvy-Kate_brand_418.htm — stay tuned for the giveaway announcement on the QG Facebook page and Twitter!

QG WD News Flash! Bare Necessities and Curvy Kate USA have a clever contest going too! If you pop on over to the CK USA Facebook page; http://www.facebook.com/curvykateUSA you can find all the details. You might be the next Curvy Kate – they need your curves!

The Best Brands. The Best Fit for Every Body. Bare Necessities and Queen Grace Collection!

“Curvy Kate” bra giveaway begins March 21st, 2012 right here on QG WD.

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  1. Joelle bee (3 years ago)

    This collection is amazing! I have always had issues finding bras that made me feel and look sexy for my size 40 ddd …and that are comfortable! I can’t wait to give these a try!

    • Lisa Pool Content Manager (3 years ago)

      Excellent Joelle, the ‘Curvy Kate’ contest starts March 21st!

  2. janika3689 (3 years ago)

    I like bras with a wider band, it’s so much more comfy that way. I love how I look in clothes because of my curves!

  3. Renata S-G (3 years ago)

    This collection looks so beautiful and fun! I love having a bra that is comfortable and supportive, but still super sexy; which is often hard to find in a 38DDD. I LOVE being a curvy girl and want to show it off in one of these gorgeous bras!

  4. Michelle Mosier (3 years ago)

    I look for comfortable sides and back areas, yet enough support up front to make sure my (large) front is not squashed and looking small… I love being curvy because it feels sexy and I feel curves are much more fun to look at than angles! Women are beautiful and supposed to be round/curvy/feminine- not all sharp angles and square!

  5. Sue Hutchinson (3 years ago)

    As an older woman, it is harder to find bras that actually fit. Looking forward to winning this one :)

  6. Jennifer Nordhavm (3 years ago)

    I look for a bra that can give me good support and looks cute! I would like to win a Curvy Kate because they look like great quality bras and they are super cute!

    • Jennifer Nordhavn (3 years ago)

      Oops, just noticed there was a typo in my name. My last name is Nordhavn. Sorry!

  7. Deborah (3 years ago)

    The most important things that I look for in a bra is comfort and adequate support. It’s an extra added bonus when that same bra is also stylish and sexy, which is why I would LOVE to win the “Curvy Kate”!

  8. Deborah (3 years ago)

    There are several things that I love about being curvy. It’s the fit of my jeans, the way I fill out dresses, the attention that I receive, and the confidence that I feel.

  9. Tiffany Hunt (3 years ago)

    Thats so awesome and so sexy!!!

  10. Kathryn Pless (3 years ago)

    So pretty! I want a bra to keep the girls up where they belong and make me look my best. A good bra is essential to looking good in your clothing.

  11. Kimberly Johnson (3 years ago)

    I LOVE this new Bra…….I wear a size 38 G bra and it is sooooooo HARD finding a bra that is supportive but sexy. The Curvy Kate bra is just that. I am so excited about this new addition and I WILL LOVE TO HAVE THIS BRA!!!!

  12. Brittani (3 years ago)

    I look for the perfect combination of fun and flirty, comfort, and support! Lingerie should be fun for us plus sized girls too, especially since we’ve got the goods to fill it out! :-) I think the Curvy Kate bra brings all those things together, but I can’t afford to spend that much on a bra. I’d love to win!

    I love being curvy because it’s a badge of honor. Curves tell stories without speaking. Those that admire them are told an entire story just with the switch of a hip. Curvy is real and exciting. It has so many ranges and possibilities! Curvy = Woman. <3

  13. Rachel Clyne (3 years ago)

    I look for a bra with comfortable straps that are supportive. No skinny straps, please! I would love to wear a shiny hot pink bra. Most of my bras are black, which is good because I wear a lot of black clothing. However, if it’s not black or brown it’s pink that I wear. So, a pink bra would be awesome.

    I love being curvy because I look like a woman, a healthy woman.

  14. Liz Hall (3 years ago)

    “what do you look for in a bra and why would you like to win the “Curvy Kate?

    I love the fact that even though I lost weight, I can still find a bra in my size that looks good, and I’m not ashamed of take my shirt off in front of my man. I would love to win a Curvy Kate bra, to show other women who feel the same way I do, but who are scared to say it. A “Group Photo” shoot waiting to happen! If i win I will buy 10 more and share them with 10 full figure models and do a huge photo shoot!!!!


  15. Jessica (3 years ago)

    i would love a bra athat supports my boobs and that smooths out my sides. A black or brown bra would be awsome.

  16. Karen Sheldon (3 years ago)

    I’m looking for a bra that will give me a lot of support without pinching and cutting into my back muscles. Something fun & sexy like a Curvy Kate, not boring cotton. It must have wide sides and straps so things stay in place. No rolling or bunching up. I have too many health issues to stop and deal with an ill-fitting bra. Based on the picture, it looks as if the Curvy Kate would deal with most, if not all, of my requirements. Tired of looking like I’m a dowdy old matron!

    Real women HAVE curves! Need I say more?

  17. Winona Schulterbrandt (3 years ago)

    I look for support, comfort, and most of all style! More lace, more colors, more sex appeal! I love a sexy bra!!!

  18. June (3 years ago)

    First off, I need a bra in my size (28J) so finding that is hard enough! Curvy Kate, though, has an amazing selection in my size.

    Then, I look for bras that have a more full-coverage cut. I’m a mom, breastfed for 2 years, and have lost a good deal of weight so I no longer have the firm breasts of my youth. Because of that low cut bras like plunges always lead to spillage towards the center of the bra (even in the correct size). High center gores work well for me.

    Beyond that I prefer bras that give me great, support, uplift and are not too wide in the cups. I also prefer bras that are not going to show up too much underneath shirts but that are also not boring. :) Curvy Kate’s Daily Boost is one that I’ve had my eye on since it was first announced because it’s incredibly hard to find a good everyday bra in my size.

    I want to win because I’ve just now finally narrowed in on my size and my bra collection is quite dismal (well, I have a lot in the wrong size, just not the correct one!). Plus, there are so many Curvy Kate bras that I want to try!

  19. June (3 years ago)

    What I love about being curvy is that it’s allowed me to meet so many wonderful, wonderful women through my blog. It’s also something that I’ve grown to appreciate more as I’ve gotten older and learned to dress my body better. I didn’t always love being curvy in my youth but will well-fitting bras and clothes it’s something I can now happily own. :)

  20. Adria Ashe (3 years ago)

    What i look for in a bra is COMFORT,SUPPORT, and a bra that keeps my 38DD from spilling out. I am looking for a bra that controls the bulging in the back and straps that doesn’t squeeze the shoulders. I would love to win the Curvy Kate because i am in need of this kind of suoport and i feel that this bra has all what i am looking for in a bra and if i was to win the Curvy Kate i would show of my new support,control,and curves to my busty friends who need this bra in their lives. I would say ” finally i can relax because of Curvy Kate”.Being curvy makes a woman a woman. I love being curvy because there is more to love ,more to see, and much more to flaunt. A woman with curves is the perect woman.If the world curves why shouldnt we? I love being curvy because that’s just me “A CURVY BEAU-TIEEE”!!

  21. Jennifer T (3 years ago)

    I love that the Curvy Kate is sexy and yet still supports larger frames! I always try to look for wider bands/straps but something that’s fashionable at the same time (I am not 80… I do not need to wear my Granny’s bras!)

    I love being curvy. I am a woman, I was born to have curves! If you’ve got them… show ‘em off!

  22. Jaleesa Brown (3 years ago)

    What I look for in a bra is for it to be gorgeous, provide full coverage and support, and not be full of padding.

  23. Jaleesa Brown (3 years ago)

    After meeting with a representative from Curvy Kate and being introduced to their newest collection, I’d be honored to win. I have seen for myself that Curvy Kate bras are quality bras, and they are of my liking in every way. They are gorgeous, unique, provide full coverage and support, and are not full of padding. Curvy Kate was highly recommended to me, and once I was introduced to Curvy Kate I was very appreciative of that recommendation.

  24. Cristyen (3 years ago)

    I love bras that are cute yet comfortable. I love soft, feminine details that make me feel lovely underneath my clothes.

    I don’t love or dislike being curvy. I don’t feel like my body type makes me superior to those who aren’t blessed with as much curves, especially since I’ve been on the receiving end of “real women have curves” insulting marathon. I’m happy with my body, though, regardless of its curves (or lack of, depending on who you ask, I guess), pants size, bra size, or weight. :)

  25. Sam Stanton (3 years ago)

    I’d love to tell you what I love in a bra, or look for in a bra…but I don’t really have an opinion because I’ve never had one that fits properly! It’s simply not possible where I live to walk into a lingerie store and find a bra in my size. I have to order online and hope that it fits! I love Curvy Kate bras…they are gorgeous, in such a wide range of sizes, too. They don’t look matronly, they are young and bright. So I guess I would say I look for a bra that fits :P! I’d really love to win the Curvy Kate bra because I plan to enter the Star in a Bra competition next month and I’d love to have a Curvy Kate bra that fits me well and shows off my curves for my entry photos :D! If it were pink, that’d be a HUGE plus.

    I love being curvy. Woman come in all shapes and sizes and the shape you have doesn’t define your beauty, but a woman with confidence who OWNS her shape is beautiful! I’m thin in the middle and my limbs, but my chest and hips didn’t get the memo! And that’s more than ok :D. Sometimes it’s hard to be curvy because it’s hard to find clothes but I wouldn’t change it!

  26. Kate Northrop (3 years ago)

    I look for a firm, not too-stretchy band for the most part because I like lots and lots of support from my band. After that it’s details: lacy bras, ribbons, cutouts, mesh panels — I think I own maybe one plain black tshirt bra. I just can’t resist the pretties! Pretty bras give me an amazing self-confidence boost.

    As for being curvy, I love the way I look in retro (40s -50s) clothes. They’re designed for a smaller waist relative to boobs and hips, and it makes me feel pretty foxy.

  27. Julie Lyon (3 years ago)

    I love Curvy Kate bras because they are cute and super sexy. I am a curvy girl with a more than ample bosom (40GG). Before I discovered Curvy Kate, my bras, when I could find one that fit, tended to look more like an airplane hangar than an undergarment. I was thrilled to find that Curvy Kate makes bras that fit my band size AND my cup size…without looking like an industrial engineering structure. I love the sheerness…the beautiful colours… and the fun accents. And I love the styles available. And they are practical… comfortable, well made, and long-lasting.
    Curvy Kate bras are gorgeous, flirty, sexy, fun. Like me! ;-}

  28. Krisitne (3 years ago)

    I really just look for a bra with a tight band that fits. I generally wear a 28HH, but probably should be in more of a 26J, so I really like how the Curvy Kate bands are generally tighter than other brands, so they fit me better.

    I like being curvy because that’s what I’m used to and I feel comfortable with my body. Being curvy doesn’t make me any more of a woman and not having curves is just as valid a body type, but I like my curves because they’re part of me and who I am.

  29. Brianna Reed (3 years ago)

    These bras are amazing. I love the fact that they are super supportive for a larger breast size but also SUPER cute! Its so hard to find something that has both qualities

  30. jeniece bandy (3 years ago)

    I love yall bras are amazing. Im goinh to have to buy some!!!!

  31. Christina (3 years ago)

    Well first of all I look for my size! Nice, decently priced 30H bras are hard to come by. Then comfort and support, a firm wide band and of course it has to be cute :) That is why I want to win the Curvy Kate-I own several CK sets, they are all awesome fits and they are just GORGEOUS. The color and detail is just impeccable.

    I wouldn’t say I love or hate my curves, they’re just…there- though I’ve grown to embrace my body for the way it is. I have to admit I am not always so confident of my curves, I do have my good and bad days, just like everyone else.

  32. Michelle Moskal (3 years ago)

    I look for comfort style and sexiness in a great bra! I love being curvy because I get lots of compliments :)

  33. Hawa Keelson (3 years ago)

    I look for a lot of things in a bra like a bra that can support my heavy bebes, no wires that will poke me when i sit, I want a bra that is comfortable to me. I need to win Curvy Kate bra because look am not gonna lie finding a size 40D omg!! is hard sometimes even when I get one is not that supportive and if I wear it one time I can’t wear it again because there is no elastic to hold my 40D’s. I just want a bra that will hold them forever!!
    First all I use to hate my curvy but now don’t because when i enter a room everybody look at me and realize that am pretty and I love it when I wear a dress that fit and brings out my curves. I love being curvy because it brings out my inner confident in me and I love to work them out in very dress I wear.Sometimes you just have to love who you are and how you were created.

  34. Candace Smith (3 years ago)

    I look for soft seams and a flattering design. I am proud to have curves and hate to sacrifice style because of it. I like cute straps too just in case they do slip out ;)

  35. Lauren Michelle (3 years ago)

    I am always on the hunt for an amazing bra I carry a full 42 DDD and there is only one place that can serve those needs but just like their clothes they do not last so I am delighted to see how amazing this bra is especially coming from such a wonderful company as yours! I could definitely use some “support” with myladies and would love to win a new bra! Good luck everyone God bless!!

  36. Nicola M. (3 years ago)

    Going to have to look into this bra. I am so tired of bra designers making chunky, inelegant bras for women with bigger breasts! We deserve style too and these look amazing!

  37. Becky Edwards (3 years ago)

    Yes! I love the CK bras… :) I am a 38 DD with scars on the sides of my body from a breast reduction. I love support and gentleness in e straps and side material.

  38. Rachael (3 years ago)

    When I buy a bra, I am looking for support and shape first, because that can be difficult to find in my bra size. Beyond that, I also look for something sexy and a little sassy, qualities that can sometimes be close to impossible to find in larger bra sizes.

    I love being curvy because that is the body I have, it’s a good body, it’s been good to me. And curvy is sexy! No doubt about it!

  39. Malea Gardner (3 years ago)

    I can’t find the right bra? And why I can’t find one is a man has to be the one that designs them? If I where to design a bra it would have a wide band at the bottom that is thick so it doesn’t roll up, and where the underwire goes would be made of something so strong so the wire does not poke you ever or work out of the fabric( which it always does)!! And wide shoulder strapes that don’t leave dents in your skin! I have a bra drawer that I call the graveyard because they are so pretty but can’t wear them cause they either have the wire pokeing out, or the wire broke in two! I have now stopped buying wire bra’s cause of the problem with the wire, and now I’m just a hanging which I hate but what else can I do I don’t have the money to just keep throwing it away. So I would so love to win this bra and get my girls back up where they belong!! I love being curvy, I have been like this for every and a day and I think that your more attractive with the curves than there being nothing there but bone,and my husband loves my curve’s. And he must after coming up to 40 years togather!! Thanks for such a great giveaway!!

  40. Jennifer Silver (3 years ago)

    It’s always difficult to find a bra that will fit me properly and at the same time be something I want to show off. I’ve always embraced my curves and try to show them off without looking dowdy. Thank you both to Queen Grace and Bare Necessities for having such an amazing giveaway!!!

  41. Chelsey (3 years ago)

    I am a woman on the go and what I look for in a good bra is a good fit with straps that stay up and don’t slip down my shoulders and a band that is thick enough to offer good support but not look like an “over the shoulder boulder holder.” I want my bra to be cute and sexy and I know that Curvy Kate can do all of these things to enhance our lives while enhancing our figures!

  42. Janet hudson (3 years ago)

    Would love to try one.

  43. meredith (3 years ago)

    i want to win b/c it looks flattering and comfortable

  44. Lisa (3 years ago)

    I always wanted to be a 38DD… I used to sing with Bon Jovi about being full of high grade octane and running a train with my 38 double D’s… Flash forward more years than I care to admit and I still sing it, but now I’m just hopeful to find a bra that does NOT give me pointy boob’s circa 1929, or worse, overboob – when my cups runneth over, it’s really not a good look.
    And that is why my girls deserve to win a Curvy Kate.

    That, and because I’m fabulous…

  45. Shannon O'Hara (3 years ago)

    It’s so hard to find pretty bras in larger sizes. I love your collection.

  46. redhead (3 years ago)

    “what do you look for in a bra and why would you like to win the “Curvy Kate?”
    I look for support and pretty. it is hard to find pretty bras if you are bigger than a dd cup. designers forget we want to be sexy too.


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